Afrika Olifant Extrait De Parfum (Unisex) By Nishane Review

Afrika Olifant Perfume by Nishane: A Comprehensive Fragrance Review

Nishane’s Afrika Olifant, introduced in 2015, is an exotic fragrance that emanates a powerful and wild character reminiscent of an African safari. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the essence of Afrika Olifant, evaluate its sillage, longevity, projection, delve into the design of its bottle, and suggest several occasions where this evocative perfume can be worn.

Fragrance Overview

Afrika Olifant is a fragrance that encapsulates the untamed spirit of the African wilderness. It skillfully combines an array of notes to create an olfactory experience that is as captivating as it is exotic. The fragrance opens with an intriguing smoky and herbal aroma, crafted from top notes of ambergris, frankincense, myrrh, and labdanum. These initial notes set the stage for a scent journey that transports you to the heart of the African landscape.

As the fragrance evolves, it reveals heart notes that include castoreum, civet, leather, and oud. These notes bring out the animalic atmosphere of Afrika Olifant, adding depth and complexity to the scent without overwhelming the senses. The fragrance strikes a harmonious balance between wild and wearable, making it a unique and captivating choice.

Sillage (8/10)

Afrika Olifant by Nishane boasts a commendable sillage that can be described as moderate to heavy. The fragrance has a substantial presence in its immediate vicinity without being overly assertive. When you wear this perfume, those around you will undoubtedly catch whiffs of its evocative and captivating aroma.

The moderate to heavy sillage ensures that the fragrance commands attention, making it ideal for special occasions, gatherings, and settings where you want to make a striking impression. It exudes a distinct aura that is both memorable and intriguing.

Longevity (9/10)

One of the outstanding features of Afrika Olifant is its remarkable longevity. The fragrance offers an exceptional duration on the skin, providing a solid 10-12 hours of wear. This extraordinary longevity ensures that the fragrance accompanies you throughout the day and seamlessly transitions into evening events without the need for frequent reapplication.

The long-lasting nature of Afrika Olifant sets it apart from many other fragrances, making it a reliable choice for individuals who desire a scent that endures and remains captivating.

Projection (8/10)

Afrika Olifant Perfume exhibits a projection that can be characterized as moderate to strong. It radiates a captivating and intense aura around you, ensuring that your presence is both noticed and appreciated. The projection is substantial enough to leave an impression in a room and to linger in the memory of those who encounter it.

The moderate to strong projection is well-suited for a range of occasions where you want your fragrance to be bold and captivating. It is an excellent choice for formal events, evening gatherings, and moments where you want to convey an air of strength and allure.

Bottle Design

The bottle design of Afrika Olifant is a visual masterpiece that beautifully complements the fragrance’s character. The flacon is a work of art, adorned with intricate patterns and motifs that draw inspiration from the African continent. The deep brown and golden accents evoke the earthy and regal elements of the African landscape.

The intricate details on the bottle, including the label and the cap, add an air of sophistication and luxury. The design is a testament to the craftsmanship and aesthetics that Nishane embodies in its creations.

The bottle not only serves as a vessel for the fragrance but also as a work of art that captures the essence of Afrika Olifant. It is a visual representation of the captivating and wild character of the perfume.

Occasions to Wear Afrika Olifant

1. Evening Safari Adventure (9/10): Afrika Olifant’s evocative and exotic character makes it an ideal choice for an evening safari adventure. Whether you’re exploring the African wilderness or simply embracing the spirit of the wild, this fragrance will enhance the experience with its bold and captivating aroma.

2. Formal Occasions (8/10): The fragrance’s strong projection and remarkable longevity make it a compelling choice for formal events such as galas, black-tie affairs, and upscale dinners. It exudes an air of strength and allure, leaving a lasting and striking impression.

3. Mystical Celebrations (7/10): For celebrations with a mystical or exotic theme, Afrika Olifant is an excellent choice. Its smoky and animalic notes add an air of intrigue and mystique to the event, making it suitable for themed parties and gatherings.

4. Romantic Evenings (8/10): The captivating and intense presence of Afrika Olifant is well-suited for romantic evenings. Whether it’s a special date night or a memorable proposal, this fragrance enhances the ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on your partner.

5. Personal Exploration (7/10): Afrika Olifant can also be worn for personal exploration, especially if you have a penchant for adventure and the untamed. Whether you’re exploring new horizons or embarking on a solo journey, this fragrance will be your companion, evoking a sense of strength and wild spirit.


In conclusion, Afrika Olifant Perfume by Nishane is

a fragrance that embodies the untamed spirit of the African landscape. With its impressive sillage, exceptional longevity, and moderate to strong projection, it is suitable for a range of occasions, particularly those where a bold and captivating scent is desired. The bottle design is a visual masterpiece that complements the fragrance’s character, making it a visually pleasing addition to your fragrance collection.

If you seek a fragrance that captures the essence of the wild and evokes strength and allure, Afrika Olifant is a compelling choice. It allows you to embark on a fragrant journey that transports you to the heart of the African wilderness, leaving a memorable and striking impression wherever you go.

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