Aigner White Eau De Toilette By Etienne Aigner Review

Aigner White Cologne by Etienne Aigner: A Breath of Freshness and Elegance

Aigner White Cologne, a creation by the renowned house of Etienne Aigner, is a fragrance that embodies freshness and elegance. Released in 2007, this light and invigorating scent for men is a testament to the art of perfumery. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the world of Aigner White, evaluating its sillage, longevity, projection, examining the design of its bottle, and suggesting various occasions where this fresh and elegant fragrance can be worn.

Fragrance Overview

Launched in 2007, Aigner White is a fragrance that exudes a sense of purity and sophistication. From the esteemed French luxury goods designer Etienne Aigner, this fragrance is a breath of fresh air, making it an excellent choice for daytime wear. The top notes feature a harmonious blend of herbal, spicy, and tart notes, including grapefruit, coriander, basil, and cardamom. These top notes create an invigorating and vibrant introduction that captivates your senses with a burst of freshness and elegance.

As the fragrance evolves, it delves into heart and base notes that complement the top notes, resulting in a balanced and captivating composition. Aigner White is a fragrance that resonates with a sense of timeless refinement and modernity.

Sillage (7/10)

Aigner White Cologne offers a sillage that can be described as good. The fragrance envelops the wearer with an elegant aura that is noticeable without being overwhelming. It strikes a balance that allows you to exude a sophisticated and fresh presence, making it ideal for various settings.

The good sillage of Aigner White makes it versatile for different occasions. Whether you choose to wear it during the daytime or evening, it enhances your presence with an air of freshness and elegance that is memorable and inviting.

Longevity (6/10)

One of the attributes to consider with Aigner White is its moderate longevity. The fragrance provides approximately 4-6 hours of wear, which is suitable for daytime activities. It may require reapplication if you desire it to accompany you throughout the entire day or evening.

The moderate longevity of Aigner White may be seen as a trade-off for its fresh and invigorating character, making it a fragrance that requires a bit of attention and reapplication to maintain its presence.

Projection (6/10)

Aigner White Cologne exhibits a projection that can be described as moderate. It radiates an aura of freshness and elegance around you, ensuring that your presence is noticed without overpowering the senses. The fragrance’s projection is confident and inviting, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a balanced and inviting aura.

The moderate projection of Aigner White is well-suited for a variety of occasions, particularly those that demand a fragrance presence that exudes freshness and elegance without overwhelming the atmosphere.

Bottle Design

The bottle design of Aigner White is a visual representation of the fragrance’s character and the essence of freshness and elegance it encapsulates. The flacon is adorned with clean lines, a classic silhouette, and a pristine white hue, creating an image of timeless beauty and sophistication. Its design beautifully mirrors the composition of the perfume, reflecting the art of contemporary elegance.

The cap, adorned with the Etienne Aigner logo, adds a touch of refinement to the design. It completes the overall aesthetic, making the bottle an attractive addition to your fragrance collection. The bottle’s design seamlessly aligns with the character of Aigner White, presenting a picture of modern freshness and elegance.

Occasions to Wear Aigner White

1. Business Meetings (8/10): Aigner White is a perfect choice for business meetings and professional settings. Its moderate projection and respectable sillage convey an air of freshness and elegance, making it suitable for important work engagements.

2. Daytime Activities (7/10): Wear Aigner White for daytime activities such as brunch with friends, shopping trips, or leisurely walks. The fragrance’s freshness and elegance complement casual and everyday moments, enhancing your overall presence.

3. Garden Parties (8/10): This fragrance is ideal for garden parties and outdoor gatherings. Aigner White’s fresh and elegant character harmonizes with the natural surroundings, creating an inviting and refined atmosphere.

4. Casual Dinners (7/10): Choose Aigner White for casual dinners at restaurants or informal gatherings. The fragrance’s balanced projection ensures that it remains delightful and inviting, adding an element of freshness and elegance to the dining experience.

5. Weekend Escapes (7/10): Make Aigner White your signature scent for weekend getaways and short escapes. The fragrance’s fresh and elegant aura complements your relaxed and leisurely moments, making it an ideal choice for mini-vacations.


In conclusion, Aigner White Cologne by Etienne Aigner is a fragrance that beautifully encapsulates the essence of freshness and elegance. With its good sillage, moderate longevity, and balanced projection, it is versatile for a range of occasions, particularly those that demand a fragrance presence that exudes contemporary allure. The bottle design complements the fragrance’s character, making it an attractive addition to your collection.

If you seek a perfume that captures the essence of modern freshness and elegance, Aigner White is a compelling choice. It allows you to carry the art of refinement with you, leaving a memorable and sophisticated impression wherever you go.

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