Happy Chopard Bigaradia Chopard for women Review

Happy Chopard Bigaradia by Chopard is a delightful fragrance designed for women, capturing the essence of citrus notes. It was launched in the year 2018, showcasing the expertise of perfumer Dora Baghriche.

The top notes of Happy Chopard Bigaradia feature a refreshing blend of Bitter Orange, Neroli, Green Mandarin, and Carrot. These invigorating accords create a vibrant and zesty opening, evoking a sense of joy and energy.

At the heart of this fragrance, Orange Blossom, Honey, and Jasmine Sambac come together in a harmonious composition. The combination of these floral and sweet notes adds a touch of femininity and elegance, lending a delightful aura to the fragrance.

As the scent develops, it settles into a warm and comforting base. The inclusion of Labdanum, Cedar, Sesame, and Patchouli provides a solid foundation, imparting a subtle earthiness and depth to the fragrance.

Happy Chopard Bigaradia is a fragrance that radiates positivity and optimism, capturing the essence of happiness in every spray. It is a celebration of citrus notes, designed to uplift the spirits and evoke a sense of joyful vitality.

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