Jacomo de Jacomo In Black Jacomo for men Review

Jacomo de Jacomo In Black by Jacomo is a captivating fragrance designed exclusively for men. This Aromatic Fougere scent was launched in 2021, offering a modern and alluring olfactory experience. Prepare to be intrigued by its dark and mysterious composition.


The opening of Jacomo de Jacomo In Black unveils a bold blend of Cardamom, Mint, and Lemon. The spicy and aromatic notes of cardamom intertwine with the refreshing essence of mint, while the zesty lemon adds a burst of citrusy energy. This combination creates an invigorating and captivating introduction that sets the tone for the fragrance journey ahead.


As the scent evolves, a captivating heart emerges, showcasing Lavender, Cyclamen, Cedar, and Lily-of-the-Valley. These middle notes create a harmonious blend of floral and woody accords. The calming and aromatic lavender mingles with the delicate floral nuances of cyclamen and lily-of-the-valley, while the woody cedar adds a touch of sophistication and depth. Together, they form a magnetic and intriguing bouquet that enhances the masculine character of the fragrance.


In the base, Jacomo de Jacomo In Black reveals a rich and seductive combination of Amberwood, Incense, Amber, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean. The warm and resinous notes of amberwood and incense intertwine, creating a sense of mystery and allure. The sweet and creamy essence of vanilla and tonka bean adds a comforting and sensual touch, while the amber provides a lasting and captivating foundation.


Jacomo de Jacomo In Black by Jacomo is a fragrance that complements various occasions, adding a touch of intrigue and sophistication to your presence. Here are a few occasions where this perfume shines:


Evening Events: This fragrance is particularly well-suited for evening events and formal occasions. Its dark and mysterious composition creates an aura of elegance, making it a perfect choice for black-tie events, cocktail parties, or romantic dinners.


Night Out: Jacomo de Jacomo In Black is an excellent companion for a night out on the town. Its seductive and captivating aroma adds an alluring touch to your ensemble, making it an ideal fragrance for enjoying a night of dancing, socializing, or exploring the city.


Special Occasions: Whether it’s a milestone celebration, a wedding, or a memorable event, this fragrance is a great choice for special occasions. Its unique blend of notes leaves a lasting impression, ensuring that you stand out and make a statement.


In terms of longevity, Jacomo de Jacomo In Black offers a commendable performance. It has a long-lasting effect on the skin, allowing you to enjoy its captivating scent throughout the day or evening. On a scale of 1 to 10, its longevity can be rated around 8.


Jacomo de Jacomo In Black has a moderate sillage, creating a captivating trail that is noticeable without being overpowering. It leaves a lingering presence that draws attention and creates an air of sophistication. On a scale of 1 to 10, its sillage can be rated around 7.


When it comes to projection, Jacomo de Jacomo In Black exhibits a moderate to high projection. It emanates its captivating scent at a reasonable distance, ensuring that you leave a lasting impression in any room you enter. The fragrance has a noticeable presence without being overwhelming. On a scale of 1 to 10, its projection can be rated around 8.


The bottle design of Jacomo de Jacomo In Black reflects its dark and mysterious character. It features a sleek black glass bottle with clean lines and a masculine silhouette. The simplicity of the design adds a touch of elegance, while the black color conveys a sense of sophistication and allure. The cap and accents may vary, but they often complement the overall aesthetic, enhancing the allure of the fragrance. It is a visually striking and modern addition to any perfume collection, symbolizing the essence of the fragrance it holds.

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